Of Good Gifts ; Of Ntwatwa #RIPNevender

Have you had a day you could only describe as Confusing?

Sunday 11th February was a cocktail of that.

Birth of life is birth of death

We were at a very late lunch Celebrating Auntie Florence’s life. She’d turned 50 on February 5th

Time Check; 18.00

Persis; Joel, I think there’s another Nevender. They say he is gone.

Nev:(one tick)

Persis; ( Proceeds to pray and thank God for perfect health for Nev.)

Goes back to Social media

Persis; Joel, why are people tagging you in these #RipNevender posts? Did you know him? Who was he?

Nev; (one tick)

Persis; Ah! Lemme just ask someone else.

Persis; Elijah, what is happening to Nev, he’s offline

Elijah ; Nev is gone

Persis; ……..

Time check; 8pm

Persis; Persis, Nev is gone!


I am at a point where I am now crying without tears. The tears are finished but the emotions keep increasing

How do we deal with this Joel, you’d know. You’d have the right words to say.

We all need some help dealing with this! But only you would know how…

Yesterday, I had a breakfast meeting with God.

He said there’s poetry, music and Him where you are.

He said you’re so happy. He used the word “Complete”

He said you’re free of pain forever. Forever Joel.

Remember that question “ Does it ever end?” Yes it does Joel ! It did.

And while it feels like our hearts have been chewed and spat in our faces,

It is well!

Thank you Joel

For holding on for 33 years.A good 33 years

It was a mostly painful 33 years but you stayed and lived out loud

Thank you for good words

Thank you for the kindest smile

Thank you for good books

Thank you for good teas

Thank you for the constant check-ins

You were ever so consistent

Thank you for not leaving us in doubt of your love

I hope that you knew how special,loved and cherished you were… Your eulogies are breaking the internet.

Thank you for leaving your mark; for not carefully passing through life

You were a special one Joel

You really were.

Maybe you should write me some letters, I wonder what you’d say.

Fare thee well Joel
Love you Everyday



Celebrate life. Celebrate your gifts

Sometimes they go! Sometimes you expect it. Sometimes like our Joel, they just pack and go.

Celebrate them everyday.

Live out loud

Love out Loud

Make memories

Leave your Mark




11 thoughts on “Of Good Gifts ; Of Ntwatwa #RIPNevender”

  1. Joel inspired me from a distance. At some point we even corresponded on mail . He was so kind and helpful yet he didn’t know me. He inspired me to write better. I am very saddened by his death but i celebrate the life he lived fully. Thanks for this nice tribute Persis

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  2. Hearing people say “the late ” last night was shocking. I couldn’t get my self to enter the house or see him in the ” little brown box”. We were already talking about the 2nd edition of ‘ Stranger in my bed’….now how will i figure that out?
    Thank you for words Joel. Thank you for presence. Thank you for friendship.
    Now you are complete. Rest!

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  3. Sad and Joyful, Beautiful and Ugly. All in all, we celebrate the completion of Joel. He reached out and touched our hearts with sincere and genuine love. The words he wrote shall forever piece the veils of time and outlive the earth.

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  4. He left his mark on a lot of people. He will forever be missed but his words….. Oh his beautiful beautiful words….. They live on. They make him immortal.
    Rest in peace Joel. As sad as we are, we are grateful that you were given to us. The Lord you loved so much called up back home.

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  5. Oh nev, he truly left a mark a foot prints in each life he had a chance to walk in to. We’ll miss him dearly but his legacy and memories live on. Rest well Joel, you are with the angels. Write us some letters on that side of heaven. May God grant strength and comfort to every heart that aches because of your departure. So long soldier, fare thee well…we’ll see you later. I can’t stand the word goodbye noooo…

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