This one is entirely for you

I hope that every time you pass by here

You will smile

You will cry

You will laugh hysterically

Maybe even roll your eyes

That You will know that my thoughts toward you are good

And that the world is yours for the taking

You will know that because you have Christ, you have everything

You will know that you are not alone You will give thanks for the gift of community

You will be inspired to do whatever is more than fly

You will know that you evoke joy and love and pleasure to anyone who experiences you.

You will know that people are good, sometimes they are just having a bad day

You will remember that you have Jesus, you know better

I hope that you will remember that you are made to start movements

That You are called to greatness

You will remember to give give and give because that is true living

I hope that you will feel many things

That you will know that the time to start is now

You are excellent

You are wise

You live in abundance

You are so dependable

You are royalty

You are loved!

You are the Child of Promise

We are taking territory



Compassion Vs Concern

Earlier today, I finally agreed to have a meeting with someone who used to be my friend back in school.

She’d been asking to meet for a while and I’d been trying to avoid those kinds of conversation where we talk about how much brighter the sun shone today or calculate the taxes we’d have to pay if the government had taxed our pocket money 6 years ago.

Anyways because she’s generally a trickster, 2 years later she gets me and we have to talk.

She says she’s not able to leave her home so I agree to meet her there.

Here’s a small part of her story

Let’s call her “Cleopatra”

Cleopatra is 3months pregnant. She’s a 3rd year law student at a university in Uganda. She lives with Boy X who has been paying her tuition since year 1 In exchange for sexual favors, house keeping, errand running etc.

Cleopatra is so afraid of X finding out she’s pregnant. She says he’ll “kill” her. He always told her to be careful.—-

This story made me feel bad things but that’s just about it.

I wished I could buy her out of this situation. I know it doesn’t sound all Christian but I actually think working backwards is what will change this situation. (Pay her tuition, provide her with a home, give her a sense of stability that will make her feel secure). No amount of “Oh dears!” And hugs will get her out of this hole

Money doesn’t buy happiness but it sure puts Happy in some places-Freda Owinga#FearlessSummit2018

Today, I have made a decision not to find myself in this helpless state again

What is Jesus saying?

I receive freedom to put happy In spaces

I receive freedom to take care of my people.

I receive freedom to spoil myself

I receive freedom to be relevant here and now!

What am I going to do about it?

A friend of mine Moses Mukisa has organised an event called SFFG- Straight Forward Financial Growth where he will share on Finances, Wealth Creation etc

Moses Mukisa is a certified John Maxwell Team Speaker, Trainer and Coach; involved in equipping leaders in business, government and non-profits. He is a much sought after speaker, trainer and coach who has worked with organizations such as Enterprise Uganda, World Vision and CivSource Africa. Moses is passionate about leadership and fully believes in Bill Hybel’s mantra that, “everyone wins when a leader gets better”.

He has written six books; including The Wealth Files, Called To Greatness and Commotion at the Gate, which have changed the mindsets and behavior of people from all walks of life.

The event will be happening in JINJA and KAMPALA

Please confirm attendance to SFFG by filling out the form below


Your information will be treated with utmost privacy

I will be there.

This is my invitation to you

Let us be relevant in our lifetime.


You are a wealthy woman. Everything you touch turns into gold. You will leave a good inheritance for generations.

The resources you have access to will free generations.

Let me just add that you’re beautiful (just for just)

I love you



Of Good Gifts; Of Grace

In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul.
Psalms 94:19 NKJV

Around this time last year, my life started falling apart.

A dark cloud found it’s seat right over my head. No I hadn’t gone through any significant loss. All I know is one day I was the Happy, determined, brilliant, result oriented, inspired,uplifting child everyone loved and the next day I was not. I could not recognize myself,I hated everything, I stayed in my room all day, black curtains drawn, door locked. I was so so so sad. I didn’t know why, I felt so much pain; I didn’t know what to do to stop it. I remember one day all I could tell God was, ” Please make it stop, I don’t care how, I’m hurting everyone around me, everything I touch seems to die, I’m so tired. Make it stop”

He didn’t. But he stayed with me.

So today as I listen to Captain by Hillsong I’m reminded of the one constant thing through it all.

God; his presence.

His light in that moment.

His heart that took my honest thoughts and feelings

His spirit that showed my people how to pray

His Life that sustained my relationships

His Grace!

Thank you Daddy for Life. Thank you


My ka girl

God is with you

I love you



Stranger…. Not in my bed!

Today I looked at your picture and I did not miss you

I felt a bit sad

Had I replaced you?

It also felt good

A bit liberating

Maybe tomorrow I will see those brown shoes and miss you

But what matters is today I looked at your picture and I didn’t miss you!


I speak that you have a supernatural wisdom to know the seasons.

I speak strength to let go when it is time

I speak a good community to cover and surround you as you go through the seasons

You are stronger than you know.

You are loved!


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An Invitation to make a difference

Everyone has a point in their life when someone stepped in to give a helping hand…a kind word, advice, school fees, a lift…a point in time when YOU KNOW your life changed because someone stepped in.

I’d like to invite you to come and celebrate my dear friend’s birthday on Thursday. We would like to honour Moses Mukisa and all the people that stepped in to educate him by fundraising towards the #TheCollegeFund.

#TheCollegeFund is stepping in to financially help students through college/university. Reply or send me an email

to be added to the guest list!


Of Good Gifts ; Of Ntwatwa #RIPNevender

Have you had a day you could only describe as Confusing?

Sunday 11th February was a cocktail of that.

Birth of life is birth of death

We were at a very late lunch Celebrating Auntie Florence’s life. She’d turned 50 on February 5th

Time Check; 18.00

Persis; Joel, I think there’s another Nevender. They say he is gone.

Nev:(one tick)

Persis; ( Proceeds to pray and thank God for perfect health for Nev.)

Goes back to Social media

Persis; Joel, why are people tagging you in these #RipNevender posts? Did you know him? Who was he?

Nev; (one tick)

Persis; Ah! Lemme just ask someone else.

Persis; Elijah, what is happening to Nev, he’s offline

Elijah ; Nev is gone

Persis; ……..

Time check; 8pm

Persis; Persis, Nev is gone!


I am at a point where I am now crying without tears. The tears are finished but the emotions keep increasing

How do we deal with this Joel, you’d know. You’d have the right words to say.

We all need some help dealing with this! But only you would know how…

Yesterday, I had a breakfast meeting with God.

He said there’s poetry, music and Him where you are.

He said you’re so happy. He used the word “Complete”

He said you’re free of pain forever. Forever Joel.

Remember that question “ Does it ever end?” Yes it does Joel ! It did.

And while it feels like our hearts have been chewed and spat in our faces,

It is well!

Thank you Joel

For holding on for 33 years.A good 33 years

It was a mostly painful 33 years but you stayed and lived out loud

Thank you for good words

Thank you for the kindest smile

Thank you for good books

Thank you for good teas

Thank you for the constant check-ins

You were ever so consistent

Thank you for not leaving us in doubt of your love

I hope that you knew how special,loved and cherished you were… Your eulogies are breaking the internet.

Thank you for leaving your mark; for not carefully passing through life

You were a special one Joel

You really were.

Maybe you should write me some letters, I wonder what you’d say.

Fare thee well Joel
Love you Everyday



Celebrate life. Celebrate your gifts

Sometimes they go! Sometimes you expect it. Sometimes like our Joel, they just pack and go.

Celebrate them everyday.

Live out loud

Love out Loud

Make memories

Leave your Mark




Of Many Things! Of Good Gifts

Time check; 3.45am : wondering what to say

Time check; 13.31pm: finally getting a sane train of thought


I pray for you that in life you will get loads of Gifts

Yes, perfumes,bags,cars,Books,Art,Good music, holidays and everything else that makes you come alive. Good shoes!

But the gifts of which I write or more than that;

They laugh out loud with you at really silly things

They seem to live their lives trying to give you everything they have.

They call you out when you do things that are not like you

They understand when a conversation is so difficult for you to have so they keep making time till eventually you can have it

They love you like they are being paid for it, sometimes it will feel like a little of their joy depended on you knowing they love you.

These gifts come with such wisdom.

They will mother-sister-friend-auntie you all in the same breath.

They will challenge you to step out and take the stage and sometimes to step out of the *BS*

They will see things you at some of your lowest times and know to wait,to talk or to pray or to just give you a huge task because what you need is a distraction.

They will write 3 worded notes that make your heart so glad

On some days they will be the reminder that God is good

They will go through bad relationships with you

They will share their homes, clothes, food and families with you and guess what? You will expect it!

They will be anchors, bridges, trampolines, fires, water, fresh air

They will Love you so deliberately.

They will love you so unreservedly

They will make you ask , “WHY” and no answer will ever cut it. Because they just do

Keishamaza, they will be many things

They will be some of your special things.

To Angela,

My special thing!

You have the heart of God!

Your voice makes the wind whisper in awe

You are a gentle warrior

You are many things

You are life

So for good stories, good hugs, good gifts,a good bed,good laughter, good conversation.

Thank you Mama❤

I love you !

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Loved Much

My beautiful Keishamaza.

The song ” Good Good Father ” is a song I wish I had written.

Oh My Father!

The man has loved me well.

I am his special thing. Growing up, I was referred to as my dad’s car engine. Apparently it was like his car wouldn’t move if I was not in it. My father showed me off and bragged about me to anyone who had ears. It was that “this is my beloved child in whom I am well pleased kinda thing”

My daddy is so extravagant with me. I get the best things(shoes,bags,clothes,name it). A friend of mine called Solome stopped asking about where I buy my stuff because my answer is always that my dad got it for me.

My father doesn’t judge me. For a 23 year old I have gone through too many changes and as you can imagine many of them affected my parents lives. But he stayed. His love unshaken. Unmoved. Loving me ever so consistently. No matter what my hair looks like

My daddy takes care of me. Oh! Those random messages of “You have received UGX…”, giving me his car and his driver to run my own errands,asking me to come home when I am unwell; the assurance that his love is always available to be received”

My daddy is the Bible I read daily.

My Daddy loves me well!

I have been loved much!

Why can’t I find a picture of us though?

That must change

🍾 To every father who loves his little girl well!

You are a #ManOnTop

You are loved!